NYC: 30 Inches of Snow Not Falling New York City This Weekend in Massive Blizzard

February 5, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

There’s rumors saying that 30 inches of snow will fall the weekend of Feb. 8 and Feb. 9, but that’s not true.

On Monday, someone reposted a Gawker article from February 2013 saying that either 3 inches of snow or 30 inches of snow will fall in New York just a few months after Hurricane Sandy hit the region.

The image included in the article also showed that at 3 a.m., 29.3 inches of snow would have fallen Saturday.

Apparently, a large number of people thought that 30 inches was going to fall over the weekend.

Gawker writer Max Read said that the old article was reposted by Gawker.

“It had started trending (on Facebook?) for at least a day before it was (accidentally) added to the link roundup,” Read wrote on Twitter

And editor John Cook wrote, “Actually it was going around earlier b/c someone misread the date and it got shared around.” He added, “And b/c it had become one of our most popular posts from that, it accidentally got added to a link round-up.”

Weather writer Eric Holthaus wrote on Twitter that 30 inches aren’t falling in New York.

“There will *not* be 30″ of snow in NYC this weekend,” he said. “I repeat: there will not be 30″ of snow in NYC this weekend,” headded.

He continued: “Once again, there will NOT be 30″ of snow in NYC this weekend. This rumor needs to die a painful death now. cc.”

The Weather Channel shows that there might be a storm hitting New York City this weekend but it’s too early to tell. A few inches of snow could fall, according to a forecast.

“In general…expect dry conditions early Saturday…then there is a chance…low chance…that the area will get brushed with some light snow as an area of low pressure develops well to the south and passes south of the 40/70 benchmark,” the National Weather Service wrote on its website. 

It added that on Saturday, it will be “cloudy. A chance of snow after midnight. Lows in the lower 20s. Temperature rising to around 30 after midnight. Chance of snow 30 percent. “