No Matter What the Chinese Communists Do, Don't Think it is Beyond Your Imagination

March 12, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 12, 2006 12:00 am

Recently, the Dajiyuan website has exposed the labor education camp in Sujituan, Sheng Yang City, China, which is similar to a concentration camp. This was disclosed by a knowledgeable source. It has brought attention from all sides.

As reported, 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners transferred from all locations around the northwest are detained in the fascist like concentration camp in Sujituan. There have been frequent organ extraction operations in the camp. The camp also has a cremation room. The dead bodies of Falun Gong practitioners are cremated immediately after their organs are extracted.

Regarding this issue, reporters have interviewed Gao Zhisheng, the famous human rights lawyer in China, who has personally investigated how Falun Gong practitioners were persecuted, and wrote three letters to appeal to the communist authorities to stop the persecution toward Falun Gong.

Correspondent : Regarding Sujiatung, did you hear about it when you were in Changchun City?

Gao Zhisheng : I have not heard of it. We can see that their block of information is very strict.

Correspondent : Did you hear about missing Falun Gong practitioners? Have any practitioners mentioned about this?

Gao Zhisheng : I have not heard about large-scale disappearances. However, there were (individual) cases of Falun Gong practitioners missing with no reason. But, because we didn't have any detailed evidence, we could not include them in our investigation. The atrocity is shocking, but it is no surprise that the Chinese Communists Party (CCP) set up places like this.

Gao Zhisheng : Don't be a bit surprised that the CCP established such a place, especially for those who have experienced or witnessed its crimes. There is nothing it would not do. Even exterminating a whole group seems reasonable to the CCP. In fact, I have mentioned in a lot of articles, the CCP will do anything, including evil deeds beyond your imagination. Such an evil party! Isn't that why we called it evil?

Correspondent : Do you think this is a mass killing before the collapse of the CCP?

Gao Zhisheng : They must have a sense of danger. Surely they hope if they exterminate the bodies of all those to whom they have committed unthinkable crimes, it will make them a little safer.

Attorney Gao has also mentioned the “Sujiatun Incident” to people in China who support his hunger strike.

Gao Zhisheng : I have told many people about the Sujiatun Incident over the phone. A lot of them said, 'We believe everything you told us about the CCP. We would doubt it if someone said that the CCP is doing anything good.' As to how to expose the crimes the CCP has committed against the world, attorney Gao has the following to say:

Gao Zhisheng : Actually it is a simple matter, which is the existence of independent media. Without an independent media, (we can only) break the internet blockage and use radio station broadcasts. The acceptance of the CCP evil regime by mankind is such a tragedy for the world.