Nine-Year-Old Programming Genius Found in Shandong

May 16, 2009 Updated: May 16, 2009

Su Lieyi, a 9-year-old boy in Taian City, Shandong Province, has reportedly mastered several programming languages.

He has established his own personal Web site, developed its software, and taught himself college-level courses, such as math, physics, and chemistry.

Su Lieyi’s mother, Liu Xinxin, said in a Qilu Evening News report, that Su demonstrated a great interest in computers at age 7, when he was first introduced to a computer. At that time, she bought him several basic computer books.

Within two years, Su picked up more than a dozen programming languages. At the age of 8, he learned the C language, VF (Visual FoxPro), VB (Visual Basic), VC (Visual C), VC++, BASIC, Pascal, PHP, JAVA, and ASP (Active Server Page).

According to Liu, Su utilized some of the free software available online to develop his own operating system. Once, a forum moderator gave Su a Microsoft recruitment assessment form to test him. He scored in the 90th percentile.

Su spent less than a month creating his own Web site. He said, “The Web site is actually a forum. The purpose is to get to know people who share the same interest in programming.”

Su is homeschooling now. His mother reportedly said that at the age of 7, Su went to the 5th grade to get acquainted with the school but realized he was already equipped with the knowledge taught at the school.

When Su was 8-years-old, he went to a junior high school. He was able to answer all the questions the teacher tested him on. It surprised the teacher that Su passed the exam with a score of 100 in math and high scores in both Chinese and English.

Liu later sent her son to senior high school. The materials taught at this school were also easy for Su to comprehend. He often scored in the 90th percentile in math and rated number one in physics.

Su is now studying college-level textbooks such as advanced mathematics. Liu said, “He never reads the whole book. He often checks the table of contents page and picks only the ones he feels are interesting. He then reads them carefully until he fully understands the content.”

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