NFL Power Rankings, Standings for Week 15: All 32 Football Teams (Dec. 12)

December 12, 2013 Updated: December 13, 2013

The Week 14 power rankings have been just after Thursday Night Football.

The Associated Press Pro32 NFL Power Rankings, as voted by a 12-member panel, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Dec. 10, total points based on 32 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 32nd-place vote, and previous ranking:

  W L T Pts Pvs
1. Seattle Seahawks (10) 11 2 0 382 1
2. Denver Broncos (2) 11 3 0 371 2
3. New Orleans Saints 10 3 0 352 5
4. New England Patriots 10 3 0 346 3
5. San Francisco 49ers 9 4 0 339 6
6. Carolina Panthers 9 4 0 325 3
7. Kansas City Chiefs 10 3 0 312 7
8. Cincinnati Bengals 9 4 0 307 8
9. Philadelphia Eagles 8 5 0 286 10
10. Indianapolis Colts 8 5 0 259 9
11. Arizona Cardinals 8 5 0 257 13
12. Baltimore Ravens 7 6 0 247 14
12. Chicago Bears 7 6 0 247 16
14. Detroit Lions 7 6 0 239 11
15. Miami Dolphins 7 6 0 222 15
16. Dallas Cowboys 7 6 0 206 12
17. Green Bay Packers 6 6 1 187 21
18. San Diego Chargers 7 7 0 186 17
19. New York Jets 6 7 0 151 23
20. Pittsburgh Steelers 5 8 0 149 18
21. St. Louis Rams 5 8 0 144 19
22. Tennessee Titans 5 8 0 130 22
23. New York Giants 5 8 0 124 19
24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 9 0 107 26
25. Jacksonville Jaguars 4 9 0 104 29
26. Cleveland Browns 4 9 0 88 26
27. Minnesota Vikings 3 9 1 68 25
28. Buffalo Bills 4 9 0 57 24
29. Oakland Raiders 4 9 0 54 28
30. Atlanta Falcons 3 10 0 52 30
31. Washington Redskins 3 10 0 26 31
32. Houston Texans 2 11 0 12 32


Here are the Epoch Times power rankings from earlier this week:

1. Seattle Seahawks (11-2) – The Seahawks mostly bottled up the 49ers offense all day, but they made a massive defensive error in allowing Frank Gore to make a 51 yard run toward the end of the fourth quarter that got the 49ers in chip-shot field goal range.

2. New Orleans Saints (10-3) – A couple of Drew Brees touchdowns later and this team is back on track after getting embarrassed against the Seahawks last Monday. Outside of Seattle, there’s possibly no scarier place to play than New Orleans.

3. Denver Broncos (11-3) –  Denver’s pass defense is starting to become a liability. The good news for the Broncos is that they will have 10 days of rest and preparation before the game against the lowly Texans.

4. Carolina Panthers (9-4) – The night started off promising after a 6-0 lead, but the Panthers’ offense couldn’t get it going after that. Cam Newton threw for only We will have to see how Carolina reacts after its first loss in eight games. The Panthers play at home versus the Jets.

5. San Francisco 49ers (9-4) – The 49ers held the Seahawks’ offense to under 300 yards in a likely playoff preview. However, San Francisco probably won’t have home-field advantage this time.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) – With three straight losses to top-tier teams, the Chiefs needed a dose of Redskins medicine. It’s safe to say Kansas City is back after smashing Washington 45-10, which included punt and a kick returns for touchdowns.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (9-4) – Andy Dalton carved up the Colts’ secondary, and Gio Bernard and BenJarvus Green-Ellis combined for 147 yards rushing, putting the Bengals firmly in control of the AFC North.

8. New England Patriots (10-3) – The Patriots had everything go right for them in the final two minutes, including several questionable calls and a recovered onside kick. That final pass interference call to get New England a 1st and goal toward the end of regulation will be discussed all week. Rob Gronkowski’s likely ACL injury also has to be of concern for Patriots fans, as New England averages about 10 points more per game with him in the game.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (8-5) – After a slow start that featured Nick Foles’ first interception of the season, the Eagles rallied back to take out the Lions in one of the more memorable games this year. LeSean McCoy showed why he is a contender for the MVP award this season after 217 rushing yards and two touchdowns when passing just didn’t seem to work in a blizzard.

10. Arizona Cardinals (8-5) – Carson Palmer was super-efficient against the Rams on Sunday. If he plays like this more often, Arizona will be a scary team to face in the playoffs with their defense.

11. Indianapolis Colts (8-5) – The Colts are looking to make the playoffs but they really, really need to stop creating first-half deficits. Indianapolis was down 14-0 going into the second half, and lost to the Bengals 42-28. The Colts were also on the wrong end of a highly questionable call that gave the Bengals’ BenJarvus Green-Ellis a rushing touchdown.

13.  Chicago Bears (7-6) Josh McCown or Jay Cutler?

13. Baltimore Ravens (7-6) – Bizarre game: five touchdowns in the last two minutes. The Ravens look like they’re playing for the postseason after a clutch, last-minute touchdown throw from Joe Flacco to Marlon Brown.

14. San Diego Chargers (7-7) – Nice win in Denver. But the Chargers are going to need a lot of help to get that sixth seed in the AFC.

15. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) – A poor defensive showing has this team reeling. They need all they help they can get to make the playoffs.

16. Detroit Lions (7-6) – The Lions experienced a total collapse in the second half after holding the Eagles to 100 yards and no points in the first. Detroit’s run defense, more than anything, let the team down, allowing nearly 300 yards rushing.

17. Miami Dolphins (7-6) – The Dolphins got a critical road win in Pittsburgh to keep their playoff hopes alive.

18. Green Bay Packers (6-6-1) – The Packers also kept their slim playoff chances alive, buying more time for Aaron Rodgers to make a run when he returns. The Lions and Bears can’t seem to be consistent enough to take control of the NFC North.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) – Ben Roethlisberger couldn’t muster up another late-game drive against the Dolphins–essentially shattering the Steelers’ dreams at making the playoffs

20. Tennessee Titans (5-8) – Early reports suggest that running back Chris Johnson, quarterback Jake Locker, and coach Mike Munchak won’t be back next season in an apparent rebuilding move. And they lost to the Broncos in dramatic fashion.

21. New York Jets (6-7) – Geno Smith, whose tied with Eli Manning, leads the league in interceptions this season with 20. But he threw his first touchdown pass against the Raiders since October.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9) – The Bucs have won four of five of their last games, which could allow coach Greg Schiano to keep his job next season. Against Buffalo, Tampa played its best overall game–sacking QB EJ Manuel seven times and intercepting him four times.

23. St. Louis Rams (5-8) – The Rams were simply outclassed in all phases of the game against the Cardinals. You would have to wonder what Jeff Fisher’s future looks like after another lost season.

24. New York Giants (5-8) – The Giants reverted back to how they were playing when the team went 0-6. The Giants are officially out of the playoffs.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9) – The Jaguars have won three straight, but it means that Jacksonville likely won’t have the first overall draft pick next season. The Jaguars might have to search harder for a potential franchise quarterback. Of note: the Jaguars are the only team in the AFC with a three-game winning streak.

26. Cleveland Browns (4-9) – Another gut-wrenching loss for the Browns came after Cleveland flustered the Patriots on defense all day, but they just couldn’t get it done at the end of regulation, which included a highly questionable pass interference call that got New England to near the goal line.

27. Minnesota Vikings (3-9-1) – Adrian Peterson injured his ankle and was carted off the field, meaning that he might miss the rest of the season. Like the Buccaneers, the Vikings have lost several close games this season, and Sunday was no exeption.

28. Oakland Raiders (4-9) – ESPN notes that the Raiders have lost 13 straight games in the Eastern time zone, getting severely outscored overall.  They lost to the Jets on Sunday. Matt McGloin showed he was still a rookie and got benched by Terrelle Pryor before Pryor got benched again.

29. Buffalo Bills (4-9) – The Bills lost an ugly game against the Bucs. E.J. Manuel was picked off four times and was hit even more.

30. Atlanta Falcons (3-10) – Who would have thought the Falcons are the worst team in the NFC South–tied for worst in the NFC–this late in the season.

31. Washington Redskins (3-10) – For the sake of Robert Griffin III’s health, it might be best to start Kirk Cousins. It doesn’t look like Mike Shanahan will return next season.

32. Houston Texans (2-11) – After a close loss to the Jaguars, coach Gary Kubiak was fired over the weekend, suggesting that major changes are in store for the Texans this offseason.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.