‘New York Police Officer Caught With Cheerleader’ Video is a Facebook Scam

February 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

 A viral post claiming a “New York Police Officer Caught Having Sex With Cheerleader” is a Facebook scam.

It continues, “He said he was out of control when she seen cheerleader alone.”

The post shows a crude image with a play button over it of an officer and a woman on top of a car.

There is no video and users who click on it are led to a fake-Facebook-looking website, which also has fake comments at the bottom.

The post prompts the user to share it, which ensures that it is spread even more.

“This really is your last chance. If you go ahead and share the link with your online friends, you are not only announcing the kind of sleazy content you are interested in watching on the internet – you are also (potentially) drawing them into the scam as well,” reads a post from security expert Graham Cluley. “If you *do* share the link then you will still not get to see the video. Instead you will be encouraged by the scammers to complete an online survey – sometimes presented as an age verification.”

It is recommended that you report the post to Facebook if you see someone else post it on their timeline.

“Once on the website, the victim will be asked to complete surveys or share the same website before he/she can view the video. Now, sharing this web page will only help spread this scam to other Facebook users. And, completing the surveys will only generate revenue for the cybercriminals behind this scam,” reads a post from Online Threat Alerts.