New Island Forms in Japan After Volcano Erupts

By John Wang
John Wang
John Wang
November 21, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A volcanic eruption occurred and a new island has formed off the coast of Japan. The 660-foot diameter island was spawned just off the coast of Nishino-shima, 620 miles south of Tokyo.

The island was discovered as smoke was spotted Wednesday morning, local time, by the Japanese Navy. The plume of steam and ash was the result of the interaction of the seawater and lava.

The last time the volcano is known to have erupted was 1974

But don’t get excited about the island just yet, because according to volcanologist Hiroshi Ito, it is possible the new island will erode away.

“But it also could remain permanently,” said Hiroshi Ito.

A new island formed in Pakistan two months ago, for example, is now sinking. 

Associated Press contributed to this report.

John Wang