Naruto Manga Ends; Heartbroken Fans React on Twitter

November 7, 2014 Updated: November 7, 2014

As of yesterday, the renowned Shonen manga Naruto is complete and has now been released in its entirety at 700 chapters.

Though as somewhat of a consolation, Naruto fans should keep in mind that the Naruto Shippuden anime is still ongoing, and that there’s also a sequel mini-series they can look forward to in the spring. 

But yes, without a doubt, right now the prevailing emotion is heartache. Similar to Harry Potter, the Naruto series has been described by many fans as their childhood. Below you can catch some of the reactions of fans on Twitter to the thought of no more Naruto.


Youtube mega star Ryan Higa is still in denial.


So sweet <3


For those who missed it, Naruto ending was such a big deal that even top competitor One Piece had to pay homage. True fans will know what this cover represents.


So much tears…


It will get better bro. Things will get better…


We’ve already mentioned the amount of tears being shed right?


Not exactly sure what you’re saying, but that is the full spectrum of Narutos I’m seeing.


Another sweet one. 15 years, 2 friends, 1 dream <3

Thank you Naruto!