Mysterious Swarms of Flying Bugs Seen Across Philadelphia, Police Baffled

September 12, 2017 Updated: September 12, 2017

Mysterious swarms of fighting insects seen in Philadelphia have left many people baffled.

All across Philadelphia residents have reported sightings of the bugs. But it is not clear if they are gnats, flying ants, or termites, according to the Philadelphia Media Network.

The Philadelphia police also had no answer for where the bugs came from, but they’ve been referring to them as gnats.

“Hmm. No, We don’t know where all of these gnats came from, either. However, we, for one, welcome our new insect overlords”, the department tweeted in a reference to popular cartoon ‘The Simpsons’.

Other sightings were reported on Reddit.

One comment said many were seen in the neighborhood of Old City, Philadelphia.

“People are running all over Old City and fleeing seeking shelter like a kaiju movie! These little flying ants are making women scream and men run into traffic. Businesses here on 3rd and 2nd are shutting doors and slamming windows in efforts to keep them out!”, one Reddit user said.

Others noted that the swarm could be a result of the hurricanes. “Probably an exodus from the hurricane,” one said.

Garrett O’Dwyer told CBS3, “They swarm into your hair, shoes, and shorts. Safe to say, the bugs are firmly in charge.”

O’Dwyer posted a photo on Twitter reportedly showing the bugs.

The tweet was captioned with: “My block has been taken over by flying ants. Apparently, this is what they do to mate: grow wings and throw a party. #badneighbors.”

Philadelphia’s Public Department of Health didn’t provide much in the way of help, but they did provide a pointer on what not do about the bugs.

More Philadelphia residents took to Twitter to share their worries but were just as mystified.

All the sightings of the bugs occurred on Monday, Sept. 11.