Must See Destinations For Your Australian Holiday

July 8, 2015 Updated: November 27, 2015

Epoch Times Photo

Visiting the sites in Australia can mean committing to some serious travelling. Australia is a vast land, and the must see destinations can sometimes be several hundred miles apart. A great option for travellers seeking to get the most out of their trip to Australia is to travel around by car. Often hire cars can be an expensive option, and because of this an increasing number of savvy travellers are opting to buy a cheap motor on sites like the Australian Gumtree. This offers good value for money, as once the trip is over, the car can then be resold on Gumtree again! So now that you have the how sorted out, its time to decide which of these must see destinations you want to visit on your Australian holiday:

1. Longreach, Queensland

Longreach is an old flagship town in the outback of West Queensland. About four hundred miles from the Austrailian coast line, Longreach was home to Captain Starlight – one of the country’s most renounced bushrangers. The town of Longreach definitely has an aeronautical theme, not only was it the founding centre for Qantas airlines all the streets are named after birds. Longreach is a must see destination if you want to visit the Qantas Founders Museum, the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame or the Outback Heritage Centre.

2. The Heysen Trail, South Australia

The Heysen Trail in South Australia is a vast 750 mile route popular with walking tourists and trekkers visiting Australia. The long trail runs through some of Australia’s most beautiful sites – running from the Parachilna Gorge in the Flinders Ranges to Cape Jarvis in the Fleurieu Peninsula just south of Adelaide. This must see destination attracts some serious walkers with many visitors choosing to trek sections of the route for several days at a time. If you are looking to follow the Heysen Trail from start to finish it can take up to two months, but there are lots of great hotels and hostels to stay at along the trail.

3. Kakadu National Park, Northern Australia

Located off the coast line of Australia’s Northern Territory, the Kakadu National Park is a vast nature reserve covering nearly twenty thousand square kilometres of land. This rich biosphere offers visitors an impressive range of wetlands, rivers and some two thousand species of plants and animals. Kakadu National Park is also a World Heritage Site and a must see attraction due to its collection of thousands of ancient Aboriginal rock paintings. With examples dating back over 20,000 years these prehistoric art offerings are one of the oldest sites to view in Australia.

Wherever you chose to visit during your trip to Australia be sure to plan your excursions well in advance. If you opt to get around by car, then aiming to buy and sell your car in the same region can make the registration process much simpler. Also, if you are staying close to backpacker locations you more than likely find a keen buyer when it comes time to head home from your Australian adventure.