Music Professor Says Shen Yun Keeps Outdoing Itself

February 16, 2017

“Today, I was very much impressed. Seeing Shen Yun for quite a few years, I found it keeps breaking through and outdoing itself, including the orchestra and dancers. From their unison movements, we can tell they’ve worked very hard to lay a solid foundation.”


“The backdrops were awesome. It’s great to learn that this kind of dynamic visual extension (technology) has been patented in the United States. The entire performance, including the vocalist’s solos was superb.”


“Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra has created a platform for composers to explore their imagination. What’s more important is that it blends Eastern and Western cultures. To the Western world, it’s a perfect combination.”


“It’s great (for Shen Yun) to blend the Eastern and Western elements. Art is supposed to be a diverse field. I think Shen Yun has used this kind of approach to present culture and arts as expected.”