Mother of Missing Florida Teen Still Mourning: ‘It’s a constant. There is no relief from it’

By Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips
Breaking News Reporter
Jack Phillips is a breaking news reporter at The Epoch Times based in New York.
May 4, 2016 Updated: May 4, 2016

The mother of Perry Cohen, a 14-year-old Florida boy who went missing with friend Austin Stephanos when they went fishing out in the ocean last summer, has spoken about how she is mourning.

Cohen and husband Nick Korniloff have been in a constant state of despair. She said it is multiplied because they don’t know what exactly happened to the two teens, as their bodies were never recovered.

“I lay in his bed, talk to him, look at his picture every day,” she told People in a report published on Wednesday.

“It’s a constant,” she said of the pain she is experiencing. “There is no relief from it. It wasn’t a car accident or a drug overdose or a shooting where you know what happened. My son just vanished.”

The boys’ boat was recovered on March 18 about 100 miles from the Bermuda coast after a Norwegian ship found it, reeled it in, and took photos of it. The boys went out to fish on July 24 but then a storm hit the area and they went missing. A lengthy search was carried out, but they weren’t found.

Austin’s iPhone was also recovered along with personal items.

Perry’s family has taken legal steps to ensure that an investigation will be carried out.

In the past week, reports said that foul play may have been a possibility in the teens’ disappearance. The Cohens and the Stephanoses suspect as much.

Cohen’s attorney, Guy Bennett Rubin, said photos of the marooned boat show that it “was disabled intentionally” because they show the ignition switch and battery were in the “off position.” The switch and battery are in a hard-to-access point of the boat. “So we don’t know whether foul play was involved or not,” Rubin said, according to NBC News.

Rubin added that Cohen is “desperate” to know the truth, and “we’re not going to just stand by and let someone kind of filter the information that we get.”

In the latest People report, Pamela Cohen described one instance that left her stunned.

Her missing son’s final Mother’s Day present to her, a copy of the book “Love You Forever,” inexplicably fell off a shelf in her closet, according to People. Cohen said she’s convinced that her son’s spirit also sent Frankie, a small terrier mix, to her family in a trip to the groomer for the family’s two dogs.

“He literally jumped up and started licking my face,” Cohen said of Frankie. “This happened in January, a week before Perry’s 15th birthday. Perry definitely sent him to me.”

Her son’s bedroom has also remained unchanged, including his photos, fishing equipment, and other items. She also put a large memory board up of her son.

“That’s amazingly one of the hardest questions to answer,” Cohen said about her favorite memory of her son. “His natural state was laughter. He had an incredibly witty sense of humor. He was always looking to make a joke or make someone smile.”

Korniloff also reminisced about Perry, who was his stepson.

“I asked four people if I could marry Pamela. One was her father, two were my daughters and the other was Perry,” Korniloff said. “Perry was the boy I always dreamed of having. I was really fortunate to have him in my life.”

Cohen said he was also passionate about hiking and nature.

“He was passionate about animals and he loved marine science,” she said.. “That’s really where his heart was and that’s one of the missions of the foundation, to continue to support children that are looking to continue on education in the marine science and environmental studies and oceanography.

“He really was the nicest person I’ve ever known in my entire life,” Cohen added. “The one thing out of all of this that I can only ever say that I’m happy about is that I knew that he knew that he was loved. And I that I know that he loved me. I don’t think that every parent really ever knows that. We had an amazing spiritual connection from the time he was born – and I know that he wanted to come home that day.”

Jack Phillips
Breaking News Reporter
Jack Phillips is a breaking news reporter at The Epoch Times based in New York.