Mother Irate After Stranger Picks up Her Son From Elementary School

March 8, 2018 Updated: March 8, 2018

A North Carolina mother is irate after a stranger picked her son up from elementary school.

The mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, told WSOC that a complete stranger picked her 7-year-old son up from Woodleaf Elementary School in Rowan County this week.

The man then drove away with her son.

The woman called the police when she arrived at the school and couldn’t find her son.

She said the man went to the front office to check in before taking her son and is in disbelief that staffers allegedly didn’t ask her son if he knew the stranger.

“They didn’t even question my child, ‘Do you know this man or not?’” she told WSOC. “You’re supposed to show identification.”

Deputies said the man mistakenly took the child and returned with the 7-year-old when he realized what happened.

Deputies said the man said he was supposed to pick up another child as a favor to a friend.

The mother was not placated by a statement that the school district released, saying “I need better answers than that.”

The district said in a statement that it’s launched an internal investigation of what happened.

“It is extremely concerning any time a report of this nature is received. We have safety and security procedures in place to follow when releasing students at the end of the school day,” a spokesperson said.

“We also have processes in place to conduct thorough internal investigations of these procedures and incidents to ensure the safety of our children.”

People on Facebook said the story was scary.

“Wow!! How very scary! Isn’t this school being closed soon and the students are being combined with another local school making it the largest elementary school around with over 700+ students??? That’s way too big for an elementary school. Hope there’s is better leadership at the new one,” said one user.

“Everybody was dumb in this event. A single safety measure was ignored at about 5 different points,” said another.



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