Mother, Daughter, and Grandmother Claim They’re Often Mistaken for Sisters

March 4, 2016 Updated: March 6, 2016

A girl, her mother, and her grandmother claim that they’re often mistaken for sisters when they party together.

The three generations of Slade women—Gwen, 65; Jemima, 44; and Lily, 16—say they’re often told they look like sisters by fellow London residents. 

All three have long blonde hair and are size eights.

“We’re more like sisters, get mistaken for sisters and are proud we can share each other’s clothes,” Jemima told The Sun.

“My mum, Lilly’s grandmother, is one hot momma and Lilly looks amazing in all my clothes and yes I do get ‘jealous but in a good way’ sometimes, who wouldn’t? I am proud of my daughter.”

“It’s rare you’ll find a 65-year-old borrowing outfits from her 44-year-old daughter or her 16-year-old granddaughter, but I do,” Gwen added. “We all have rocked a grey jumper dress and thigh high boots and constantly get told we’re sisters. I am proud we can share clothes and prove there is no such thing as a generational difference. My daughter and granddaughter make me feel young at heart and I have to keep up with them.”

Lilly added that her grandmother is “hip and on trend,” as opposed to being “old and greying.”

The trend of family members of different generations claiming they get mistaken for sisters appeared to start earlier this year, when a girl posted a picture with her twin and her mom and confused Internet users.