Moose Fights Are More Nasty Than You’d Think

April 22, 2016 Updated: April 22, 2016

A viral clip showing two male moose fighting in front of a house has gone viral again.

The October 2015 clip shows the two brawling in Anchorage, Alaska, suburbs.

They push each other around right next to an SUV.

They were captured from another angle.

Apparently, they were fighting during rutting season. That’s when females become fertile and testosterone in males spike. Bull moose stop eating and their necks swell in size as they spend energy to look for a female.

“Typically it’s just a display, but occasionally bulls will lock antlers and push each other around,” Kristine M. Rines, moose biologist with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, told National Geographic.

It takes place usually in September and October.

“Typically the peak of the rutting season for moose is the first two weeks of October. This is only an average though. The further north in the hemisphere you travel the earlier in the season the rut happens and the opposite is true for going south,” says a website dedicated to moose.

“There are of course always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part early October will be the peak. I have hunted in early September and been able to call bull moose in using and estrous cow moose calls in an area that I know the peak rut is October. There will always be some cow moose that will start ovulating early and of course a bull moose that hears the yearning calls of a cow moose in estrous will investigate, and may even vocalize his approach.”