Month-Old Baby Dies After Grandfather Gives Him a Sip of Alcohol

July 18, 2019 Updated: July 18, 2019

A baby has died after his grandfather decided to give him a sip of an alcoholic drink at an event celebrating him turning one month old.

Mother Wen Huang and her husband had been trying to have children for over three years before Huang became pregnant, in Beijing, China.

Grandfather Weng Weng was making a toast at a banquet for his grandson’s first month celebration, which in Chinese tradition is meant to celebrate a new addition to the family and give good blessings to the child.

One of the many relatives who were invited suddenly joked that Weng was not allowed to drink unless the baby had some too.

“The child does not drink, and the grandfather has no drink afterwards,” the relative said according to Sin Chew Daily.

Weng was understood to be drunk and wanting to “save face” so he allegedly poured a cup of alcohol and gave the infant a sip.

Huang became very angry when she witnessed her son drinking and tried to take him back into her arms. The baby cried and its mouth smelled of alcohol when Huang took the baby into a private room.

After about half an hour the baby stopped breathing and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Health professionals spent hours trying to revive him but ultimately failed to save his life.

The doctor confirmed the infant died from an allergic reaction to alcohol.

“Babies can’t drink alcohol,” the doctor told the family, according to Sin Chew Daily. “How can you make a joke with the child’s life?”

Los Angeles County doctor Taylor McCormick confirmed baby bodies seem to digest alcohol faster than larger adults.

“Infants appear to metabolize ethanol faster than adults,” McCormick said in a study titled Ethanol Ingestion in Two Infants Under 2 Months Old. “It is likely that this accelerated metabolism is the result of different elimination kinetics.”

He also revealed giving alcohol to babies can produce similar effects to what adults experience in larger doses.

“Ethanol intoxication in infants produces similar clinical effects as seen in adults: central nervous system and respiratory depression,” McCormick said.

Alcohol poisoning in babies can cause difficulty breathing, reduced activity, and seizures according to Yahoo! Lifestyle. A lack of oxygen from breathing difficulties can also lead to brain damage.

Anyone who believes they have been poisoned can seek help from the National Capital Poison Center by phoning 1-800-222-1222 or visiting

If it is a life threatening emergency dial 911.