Moms Can Now Take a Class Holding a Gun and Baby at the Same Time

Mothers with small children can sign up for a class on how to carry a gun while holding a baby.

The workshop, titled “Babywearing and Carrying,” was started by mother of three Melody Lauer in Johnston, Iowa.

“When people say they don’t like the idea of a baby and firearm being together, I can understand that,” Lauer said, according to “The reality is that it’s happening… so I decided to make a safe place where mothers of young children can come and talk about guns.”



She recently did a three-hour long course on carrying a baby and a gun.

An ad for the course, published on Facebook, asks these quintessential question:s “Have you been trying to figure out how to carry a firearm and a baby but can’t seem to get it to work? Have you been afraid you can’t do both safely? Frustrated by a limited holster selection?”

“Then this workshop is for you!”

It later stipulates that no experience is necessary and no shooting is required in the class. “No need to find a sitter. Childcare will be provided!”

Tom Hudson, who is the manager and owner of the facility, said the first class went well.

“It went pretty well… we felt that this was a neat thing to bring to the community,” Hudson told “It was a bit of a pilot, if you will, to gauge reception and interest.”

Photo credit: From Shutterstock