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Boeing 737 Crashes in China With 132 Aboard

A Boeing 737 goes down in China. Its tragic descent left no sign of survivors.

A well-known Chinese writer volunteers to fight in Kyiv. But he opts to support a different side of the conflict than Beijing, opposing its apparent support for Russia.

China’s virus surge is ramping up. A mall goes into full lockdown, leaving shoppers fighting to escape—while Disneyland Shanghai closes its doors and one farmer’s sheep is confiscated for so-called “virus testing.”

Beijing is tightening its control over Tibet following a deadly form of protest in recent weeks, as students are further separated from their culture.

Political games or scientific miracles? We take a closer look at China’s virus outbreak, and see if the timeline really adds up.

Is China staring down the barrel of a food shortage? Concerns are cropping up as the Russia-Ukraine war rages on—marking uncertainty for China’s food supply.

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