Milan Fashion Week 2012

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
January 21, 2012 Updated: January 23, 2012

Can any fashion lover miss the Milan Fashion Week?  On Jan. 14, people in the industry traveled from around the world to the capital of fashion. Click on the ‘Full Screen’ button to the right of the photos below to see them in their full splendor.

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The Milan train station is some distance away from the main site of the fashion shows. Because taxi drivers were still striking on Jan. 13, people in various attire—those who were well-dressed, stylish, and chic, and those who dressed to express individualism or eccentricity—took to the narrow streets in Milan, against the background of the city’s historical buildings, stone-paved roads, slowly moving trams, and the bright winter sun.

These diverse pedestrians certainly added extra charm to this fascinating city.

From 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Jan. 14, close to 10,000 people in the fashion business from over 20 countries shuffled back and forth in downtown Milan to visit different shows.

Every show was meticulously designed to showcase their brands. The background, the music, the autumn and winter fashions, and the models all blended into one harmonious symphony.

The artistic creations and esthetic expressions elevated the audience’s sensations to the extreme in the brief time they took the stage, as every fashion house competed with the others to create the ultimate sensory experience.

Zegna: Warmth in the Winter Snow

Zegna’s models headed down the runway against a backdrop of falling snow on one wall and a burning fireplace with flickering red flames on other walls. Uplifting music made the atmosphere feel that spring would soon appear.

Young male models wore blue or brown suits as well as wool sweaters, and carried briefcases.

Zegna’s coat for this season sported a prominent leather or fur collar—a heavy, warm, yet stylish touch. Ivory and bright tan colors synchronized well and offered a touch of warmth to the garments.

Black and white, normally the most traditional contrasting colors, gave quite a different effect when combined with various patterns. Even a completely black suit represented the unique Zegna brand because of the material and pattern.


Burberry Prorsum: Mystery in the Rain

London’s winter is rainy and gray, yet full of surprises with Burberry’s fall and winter collection.

While retaining Burberry’s conventional, elegant, and dignified style, this year’s Burberry Prorsum incorporated bold colors such as purple, gray, turquoise, and champagne.

The color coordination steered away from monochromatic looks, instead trimming a beige trench coat with mustard yellow and coffee brown. A purple collar adorned a tan jacket. Fabrics included corduroy and waterproof materials.

Umbrellas were featured as a must-have accessory for rainy winter days. The designer added new twists to umbrella patterns to match each outfit.

When all the umbrellas were opened during the show, it was truly a sight to see!


Roberto Cavalli: Elegant, Avant-Garde, and Hip

The backdrop of Roberto Cavalli’s runway depicted dreamy shadow puppetry with a silhouette of a blues musician stomping his feet rhythmically while belting out a tune on his mouth organ.

The image, the shadow, and the music gave audiences a sense of distant reality.

The new trend showed bold colors. A departure from the traditional black and gray, new colors such as olive green, lemon yellow, violet purple, and pink were brought to the stage.

The tailoring emphasized uniquely shaped collars, wide-legged pants, and expanded boot openings. The scarves and shawls were adorned with tassels. Tan colored wool hats were lined with delicate flowery trim.