Michigan Poll Watcher Says Republicans Were Mistreated

By Penny Zhou
Penny Zhou
Penny Zhou
November 26, 2020 Updated: November 26, 2020

Ann Rudisill was adopted in the United States 58 years ago. She strove to become an American citizen and achieved that dream last year.

She is a veteran who served at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Now she runs a nonprofit for veterans.

Rudisill worked as a Republican poll challenger the day after Election day, at TCF center in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

That’s where the state’s absentee ballots were counted.

She said she was prevented from doing her job as a poll challenger. She also said she felt disrespected and mistreated because of her party affiliation, which makes her concerned about potential voter fraud.

She said the workers also treated Democrats and Republicans differently.

Rudisill isn’t alone in saying Republican poll watchers were interfered with when trying to do their job and weren’t allowed to go back into the room once they left.

Another poll watcher at the site gave similar accounts in previous interviews.

The state of Michigan certified its election results last week, announcing Biden won the 16 electoral votes.

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Penny Zhou