Michael Schumacher Coma Update: Could be Moved Home in a Month, News Reports Claim

Michael Schumacher, the seven-time Formula One racing champion, might be moved back home within a month, a report has said.

A Swiss newspaper, SonntagsBlick, said that “there are signs that Michael will leave the clinic soon and be cared for at home,” according to the Telegraph on Tuesday.

The 45-year-old driver has been able to communicate to his family via moving his eyelids.

Schumacher was in a coma for six months after hitting his head while skiing in the French Alps in December. A few weeks ago, he emerged from the coma and was moved from a French hospital to a Swiss rehab clinic.

His wife Corinna is said to have turned part of their home into a medical center, with advanced medical equipment and room for live-in caregivers. It means her husband might be able to return home soon, the report added.

According to The Mirror newspaper, Schumacher also has been able to answer questions from his two teenage children and wife.

At the same time, UK racing drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have both sent letters to support Schumacher.

Hamilton said, “Dear Michael. You are always in my prayers. Prayers of hope that you pull through this difficult time.” He added: “You have already achieved so much, given so much.”

Button also wrote: “May God watch over you and show you the way back to your family, fans and friends,” adding:: “When I think of Michael Schumacher I think of two things.

He added: “The first is of one my earliest memories of being in Formula One driving out of the pitlane in Melbourne and seeing Michael’s red Ferrari ahead of me scattering the leaves as he drove beneath the trees at the approach to turn three. Even in 2000 he was already a legend. The second thing I think about it is that familiar red car snaking about in my mirrors. Michael was such a formidable racer relentlessly competitive – Always There.”