MediaTakeOut: Tony Yayo Says He’s Not in G-Unit Anymore

February 21, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Tony Yayo, the rapper, reportedly said that he’s not with G-Unit anymore.

The development was reported on urban gossip site MediaTakeOut, which frequently publishes rumors.

The website claimed that Yayo took some “subtle jabs” at 50 Cent, the head of G-Unit.

Yayo also claimed that he’s done with the music business, adding that an unnamed individual is a “snake,” according to MediaTakeOut.

He wrote on Instagram: “50 [Cent] ain’t rocking with me and [rapper Lloyd] Banks the same I layed (sic) my life down for the unit but you leave and learn.”

“Loyalty,” he wrote, “don’t get you no where in live be a snake you’ll get further in life.

He later said, “I’m done with the music and the industry is too much for me.”

Yayo also tweeted this week: “It’s funny how things and people change where all my so call freinds (sic) go.”