Marquis Lewis, Accused Brittny Gastineau Attacker, ‘Not the Agressor;’ Lewis Known as Artist RETNA

Marquis Lewis is accused of getting in a fight with Brittny Gastineau, leaving her with a black eye.

The attack was at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

Sources told TMZ that the man beat Gastineau so badly that she had to go the hospital, where doctors who examined her called the police.

Officers then went to the hospital and interviewed Gastineau.

Even though the attack happened over a week ago, Gastineau is still sporting a black eye.

On the other hand, Lewis’ lawyer Michael Goldstein told TMZ that the fight hurt both parties. He claims that Lewis was almost defenseless from the physical attack because he was unable to walk without crutches He says Lewis too was seriously injured–his face and eye were swollen, and his painting hand was injured–and that Lewis “was not the aggressor.”

Goldstein also said that the two are “cool with each other” and that they’re settling their differences.

Lewis is actually better-known as RETNA, a contemporary artist who mostly engages in graffiti art. He has dozens of listings online. His bio says that he was born 1979 in Los Angeles, where he was introduced to the “mural scene” at an early age, and has led one of the largest graffiti art collectives since he was in high school.

“Through the appropriation of fashion advertisements, Retna reinvents them with intricate line work, complex layering, and a powerful range of color. Incorporating elements of Fine Art and graffiti into his varied compositions, Retna combines visual linguistics, urban poetics, and a timeless, unique power, exploring an eclectic range of media, including graffiti, photography, and painting,” it says, noting that he has exhibited in L.A., Milan, and Montreal. 

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