Man Responds to Complaint About Brother with Down Syndrome Working in Kitchen

May 16, 2016 Updated: May 16, 2016

A Tennessee man hit out against people who criticized his brother, who has Down syndrome, working at his family restaurant.

Down syndrome, which is also known as Down’s syndrome, causes some level of learning disability and characteristic physical features.

Andrew Ankar (Andrew Ankar's Facebook)
Andrew Ankar (Andrew Ankar’s Facebook)

Alex Ankar, and his brother, Andrew, who has Down syndrome, have worked tirelessly in their father’s business, a restaurant in Tennessee, since he died three years ago.

Andrew, who works in the kitchen, was subjected to an anonymous complaint from a customer who accused him of being an “unauthorized in the kitchen. A report was sent to a local health inspector, reported

Alex then decided to write an open letter, which read:

When I learned that someone had the audacity to file a report with the local health inspector over an adult with Down syndrome being in the kitchen of a restaurant that he is not just employed at, but that he owns, I was floored. It makes my blood boil that there are people in this world who don’t have an ounce of kindness in their heart to appreciate what an amazing person he is. The fact that there are people out there in this world that view people with disabilities as sub-human disgusts me.

Sometimes I sit back and marvel at Andrew’s ability to love everyone… even people who aren’t deserving of his kindness. He knows no hate. If the people out there who constantly ridicule people with disabilities had even half of Andrew’s capability to love EVERYONE, this world would be a better place. interviewed Andrew.

“I like working in the front like my daddy used to,” he told the website. “He used to know everyone’s names and now so do I.”

According to the report, the health inspector said he has seen Andrew working in the restaurant many times and said there was nothing to investigate.

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