Video: Man Reels in Monstrous Goliath Grouper With Broken Rod

April 20, 2019 Updated: April 24, 2019

Depending on where you may go fishing in the world, the day you choose to go, the bait you are using, the way you maneuver your fishing rod, it can all affect how your fishing will turn out. All this is important stuff to consider when you go fishing if you are hoping to catch big fish or even any fish in general in certain cases.

A man was having a normal day of fishing on his small circular boat designed just for fishing by the Ultraskiff company when suddenly he fishing rod started pulling heavily into the water and his Ultraskiff boat began to spin in circles and lean to one side. As the man begins to real up and pulls up on his rod, this crazy heavy creature on the end of his line won’t let him win easily. Suddenly, the fisherman’s rod snaps in half but somehow still works in his favor and is able to continue realing up until he sees this fish. When he can see the fish above the water, it turns out to be the same size and if not bigger than the man himself.

By the end, the fish gets let back to continue his day, but be sure to watch the video to see the fight both the fish and the man put up and let’s not forget the boat who was also struggling to stay stable during the fight!

Credit: ViralHog