Man Records Everyday Moments With His Autistic Brother, Has People Applauding ‘It’s Incredible’

March 14, 2019 Updated: March 15, 2019

Twenty-year-old Spencer Timme knows that some people perceive an autistic family member as a huge challenge, but Spencer wants to share with the world just how far from the truth this is for him. Spencer has an older brother with autism who is the most precious thing in his life, and he put together this video to share their bond with the world.

Spencer and his brother Mitchel have an incredible bond. Though Mitchel will never be able to give his younger brother life advice or talk about “guy stuff”, they share their life experiences with one another in their own way.

Mitchel always knows how to bring a smile to Spencer’s face, he knows how to provoke Spencer into responding to him. When he says things like “Spencer is eaten by the shark” or “Mitchel is a… girl”, Spencer knows he is trying to get a reaction from him. Mitchel is also well aware he is the bigger brother, as you can see in the video, they play together like children, and Spencer says Mitchel gives some “vicious bear hugs.”

But beyond the love Mitchel is able to show Spencer, he also never ceases to amaze him. Mitchel has a fantastic memory, he can draw, cook, sing, surf, and is even a gold medallist at the Special Olympics.

All his skills aren’t what make him special to Spencer, it’s that he knows how to make him happy when he’s down, and have fun. He teaches Spencer how to find the joy in the little things, to have patience, understanding and perspective.

Spencer says “No one in the world understands him the way I do.” They aren’t just brothers, but best friends.

Watch the video in full to hear Spencer share all about his special relationship with his brother!

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