‘Man Catches Wife In The Act Of Cheating with His Sons Friend’ Video is a Facebook Scam

February 9, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post titled, “Man Catches Wife In The Act Of Cheating with His Sons Friend,” is just a Facebook scam.

“After I watch the Video, I feel so emotional right now… Why did you do that to your Husband??? Must Watch what did the husband do to his Wife,” it reads. “[Full Video] Man Catches Wife In The Act Of Cheating with His Sons Friend!!! Actual Video Footage.”

There is no video but the post shows an image with a fake YouTube-like play button.

The post asks users to share it first before accessing it, which spreads it further. It’s not recommended to share the post or allow any app related to the post to gain access to your Facebook account.

“The fake video sharing website and Facebook post below, together is a Facebook ‘Like’ scam. This scam will attempt to trick you into ‘liking’ the fake video sharing website mostfeaturedscene .com. And, sharing anything on this website or giving their Facebook application access to your account will only help to spread this scam to your Facebook friends,” reads a bulletin from Online Threat Alerts.

If one has shared the post, it’s recommended to go back and delete them.

And if you gave it access to your account, you should remove it. Go to your Facebook account settings page then go down to the list of applications that you have given access to your account.

Then, click the “X” on the right of the app. Some of the scam-related apps use popular names like “Fox News,” “YouTube,” and “CNN” to trick you.