Make Your Smartphone Run Like a DSLR (Video)

It happens to everyone. You're out and about for the day and you decide to leave your DSLR at home because it's too much to carry. And then you see it
By Ashley Timms
Ashley Timms
Ashley Timms
September 18, 2014 Updated: September 18, 2014

It happens to everyone. You’re out and about for the day and you decide to leave your DSLR at home because it’s too much to carry. And then you see it. That one thing you’ve always wanted to photograph. You quickly whip out your phone, shuffle around with the zoom, neglect any knowledge of composition, and take a blurry photo.

A photo is a photo, right? The designers at Moment say no. Why not have a compact system for your phone that gives your DSLR a run for its money?

The creators of Moment Lenses are photographers, designers, gearheads, software engineers, and entrepreneurs. They had a simple idea: have a small lens kit that can greatly improve your mobile photography. Their ingenuity and need for perfection has landed them quite a bit of success.

On Kickstarter they had a goal of $50,000 which they smashed to smithereens with a final total of over $451,000 back in February. With this money they have continued to perfect their products- and it shows. Moment adds to your need for all things portable and can attach to the most popular phones on the market.

There are currently two lenses by Moment: Wide and Tele. Wide can capture everything for your city- and landscapes just like your 18mm while Tele gets to the top of skyscrapers and mountains with 2x zoom (without toggling on your phone). It’s easy to switch between the two lenses which makes this even more compatible with your mobile lifestyle.

There is also a lens case for carrying them around safely between photos. Moment says their lenses are the best on the market for phones and your photos will have no distortion or blurring. You can pop your Moment lens on, attach your phone to a 360 degree wallet-sized phone stand, and film and photograph high quality in no time.

Ashley Timms