Majority of Christmas shopping is left to women as 30% of men don’t do any!

December 18, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Research by activity website suggests that most women take on the brunt of Christmas shopping, they found that 30% of men do not do any. They also found men who were aged over 45 years old are less likely to be involved in any aspect of shopping for Christmas, whether it’s for presents, decorations or food.

Online activity website which specialises in exciting experiences surveyed men and women in the UK aged over 18 to find out if and when they start shopping for Christmas. They asked over 1000 users: “When did you start your Christmas Shopping for this year?”

Out of the results they received from respondents they found:

  • Men, more than women, will leave Christmas shopping until 24th
  • However men are the bargain hunters as they are most likely to pick up Boxing Day sale bargains for the next year, than women are.
  • Surprisingly more female shoppers who live in London leave Christmas shopping until the last minute than their male counterparts.
  • The most popular time of year for starting Christmas shopping for both men and women is in October and November around the time shops start stocking their Christmas goods.
  • Women are more likely to start shopping for Christmas earlier in the year to get ahead than men are, especially during summer sales.

Jim Maitland from Into the Blue commented on the interesting findings, he said:

“From our research we can see that women do take on the brunt of Christmas shopping, but that men can be equally as good when it comes to finding a deal. As we can see from the research, people shop all year round for Christmas as this helps to spread the cost, so you’re not spending lots in the last couple of months before Christmas.”

He added:

“No matter how organised you are, there may be some people you forget to buy a Christmas present for. However luckily our website can come to the rescue, with the option of printing out vouchers for our experiences to give to a loved one on Christmas Day, so you are not empty handed.”



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