Mainland TV Broadcasts Interrupted by the Nine Commentaries

August 18, 2005 Updated: August 21, 2015

According to an anonymous report from Heibei Province, on August 2, regular programming on Ji County Cable TV stations in Tianjin City was interrupted by a broadcast of a Nine Commentaries program for about two hours. On the evening of August 9, regular programming on the Linxi County TV station in Hebei Province was also successfully interrupted to broadcast a film advertising the “Nine Commentaries.

It is also reported that daily programs on television stations in Guan County of Shandong Province and Leshan City of Sichuan Province have been successfully interrupted by a broadcast of the “Nine Commentaries” program.

On the night of July 3 the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) station’s signal was interrupted by news of the Nine Commentaries and withdrawals from the CCP. The interruption was on such a scale that included the television stations of nine provinces. The broadcast interrupted 25 television channels, including 13 CCTV channels and 12 provincial channels.

Since the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published on November 18, 2004, it has rapidly spread throughout China and around the world. It is an authoritative book that truthfully and thoroughly analyzes the evil Communist Party. The Nine Commentaries has suddenly enlightened the people, freeing them from the shackles of the Party culture and letting them regain their own true souls.

The Nine Commentaries single-handedly catalyzed the huge tide of resignations from the CCP. As of August 17, 2005, the number of resignations from the CCP and its affiliated organizations on The Epoch Times’ Tuidang (Quit the CCP) website surpassed 3.6 million. The fact that this powerful book completely exposes all the lies, deceits and heresy made by the CCP since its inception, has got the CCP running scared.

Mr. Situ Hua, president of the Hong Kong Alliance and an elder statesman of the Democratic Party, says that the CCP-controlled media has blocked all information about the Nine Commentaries and withdrawals from reaching the general populace. People have thus tried many ways to circumvent their dominating control and spread true information across the country.

The broadcast interruption is just one of the means to break from the CCP’s tight control over the media. It is fundamental right that the truth can be told and everyone can be aware of it.

Renowned political commentator Ling Feng says that the broadcast interruption has dealt the CCP’s persecution of common people a serious blow. Because the victims have no way to sue the CCP in its own court, and because China’s media is still the slave of the CCP, the Chinese people can only clarify the truth by interrupting broadcasting. When people have been denied their freedom of speech and expression, a television broadcast interruption is necessary, lawful and righteous.

Mr. Zhang Weiguo, former political editor at the Shanghai-based World Economic Herald (Shijie Jingji Daobao) and currently editor-in-chief of ChinaEWeekly, believes that the broadcast interruption was in reaction to the Chinese media’s suppression of freedom and that the Chinese government is really the root cause of all its own problems.

The television broadcast interruption is a breakthrough and a courageous effort for anyone who wants to bring freedom back into Chinese media. Advanced technology is the new weapon in the battle against the domination and control of the CCP regime. Undoubtedly, it has positive move to promote free media.