Looking for Employment in New York City

April 28, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
Epoch Times Photo
Job seekers at a career fair on April 18 in Manhattan. (Amal Chen/The Epoch Times)

NEW YORK—For unemployed people looking for a job in New York City, there are several resources available. Besides public centers, there are job search engines, recruitment agencies, as well career fairs.

Everyone can visit the WorkForce1 Career Centers that are run by the city’s Department of Small Business Services. The only requirement to access their services is to become a member and be at least 18 years old. WorkForce1 has 15 centers that are spread all over the five boroughs and provides its services free of charge. The listings for job-offerings cover a wide range of positions, while some centers are specialized on certain professions, particular to healthcare and transportation. Additionally, the centers offer training courses and access to recruitment events. In 2011, WorkForce1 Centers helped 35,000 New Yorkers to find a job, according to their own estimate.

Monster.com is the largest job search engine in the world and promises its members not only to find jobs, but also to “to improve lives.” The site offers sophisticated search tools to help job seekers match their skill and location with offerings. Additionally, the site offers job seekers various resources and “career tools” for helping with the application process. Membership is free and the Monsters.com allows members to create resumes and directly apply for a position. The site has over a million job postings listed and offers pre-screening as well as background checks.

United Staffing Solutions is a New York-based recruitment agency that has been offering staffing services for business and organizations from small to big for more than three decades. The positions listed are fulltime, part-time or contract. The company has branch offices throughout the tri-state region and claims to put 6,000 job seekers into work each year.

Finally, about every two months, National Career Fairs holds job fairs in Manhattan. The key feature of these events is that they provide a forum for direct exchange between employees or recruiters and job seekers. The advantage here is the opportunity for a high number of exchanges. In many cases job interviews on site are possible as well.