Lil Terio Kidnapped by Mexican Cartel? Nope, That’s a Hoax

December 31, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A “report” from a comediy news site is claiming that Lil Terio, a child sensation on Vine, was kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel.

The report from isn’t true, however. According to its Facebook page, it’s a website for “your daily laugh,” and it posts false news stories, including one claiming that UFC star Anderson Silva faked breaking his leg on Saturday night during UFC 168. 

The fake report claims that “Vine sensation ‘Lil Terrio’ was kidnapped today from a local mall, Moments afterwards the family of young ‘Lil Terrio’ received a phone call from men claiming to be from the Mexican cartel gang ‘Caballeros Templarios’ they requested $250,000 in cash or else they quoted they would ‘oooh kill em’ . Authorities are standing by as more news unfold.”

Another reason not to believe the fake report is that Terio recently released a new Vine video, saying “Get out my face!” 

The 6-year-old child has been credited with “single-handedly [saving] Vine,” which has been threatened by Instagram’s video feature that was unveiled earlier this year.