Lawyer Enjoys Shen Yun’s Profound Stories and Beautiful Entertainment

January 4, 2018

“I was so honored to have the opportunity to bring my daughter and enjoy such a beautiful and unique performance.”

“What was very special to me was to be able to appreciate the Chinese culture through funny stories as well as some very profound stories. … The level of dance and performance of the Chinese culture was so very impressive, so I certainly enjoyed it.

“I liked the dynamics between the hosts and the musical performances as well as the dance. One of my favorites was the soaring handkerchiefs. I could not believe what they did with those handkerchiefs. And they were also very beautiful. It really was a special evening—good for young and old, for sure.”

“We were just overwhelmed and smiling throughout the whole thing.”

“We’re actually quite tired. We flew in early this morning, our flight was very delayed, and [the performance] kept us awake and alert the whole time. The colors, the quality of the dance, the talent, and the story, … really, really was beautiful. Very talented group.”

“It [also] makes us reflect. It’s shocking to me—and this is something that I spoke about with my daughter—shocking to me that this type of performance isn’t something that can be freely available in China. It’s wrong and it makes me just so very proud to be Canadian, so proud where I want to embrace other people’s culture, share in their cultures, and understand that persecution anywhere cannot exist, and our freedoms and rights have to be protected. So this demonstrates that. It tells a story, but it allows you to laugh, it allows you to enjoy some great entertainment, and it was a really profound show for us.”