Law Firm Owner Feels ‘Lots of Energy’ From Shen Yun

April 25, 2018

“It’s a wonderful [performance]. [It has a] very interesting cultural background, 5000 years, … isn’t that amazing?

“Very nice colors, wonderful dancing, excellent. Everything I saw in the advertisement, perfect.”

“I thought it [Shen Yun] was fascinating actually, how the coordination was very fluid between the screen and the stage. Actually [it] looked like the actors were right in the screen and then onto the stage. Very well done.”

“I feel lots of energy coursing through my bones, very good. I’m feeling all of those things [truthfulness, compassion, tolerance] right as we speak. Energized from my toes to the top of my head.”

“I think [reviving traditional culture] is good for every culture, to know where the history is, and how they got from yesterday to today.”

“I’m starting to get a little bit of the feeling of the wonderful culture that [China] has.”

“I’m happy I came. I’d recommend it to everybody.”