Latest Big iPhone 6S Leak Finally Answers the Question on Everyone’s Mind

August 4, 2015 Updated: August 4, 2015

Ahead of the iPhone 6’s launch last year, leaked schematics from Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn blew the door wide open on Apple’s unreleased iPhones.

The schematics were used to build 3D drawings as well as physical models of the new phones, and they gave us all a very early look at exactly what Apple had in store for its new generation of iPhones.

Now, it appears as though Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6s has fallen victim to the same tell-all leak, and this time it also answers the biggest question on everyone’s mind.

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As we learned in a new leak on Monday morning, Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6s will be thicker than the current flagship iPhone model. This would mark the first time an “S” version of an iPhone is thicker than its predecessor, but the reasoning behind the move makes sense: Apple’s next-generation iPhones are rumored to include new taptic engines and Force Touch displays, so the added thickness will make room for these new components.

For those unaware, both of these new technologies debuted in the Apple Watch earlier this year. Force Touch allows the Apple Watch to recognize how firmly a user is pressing on the screen, and the taptic engine is a more versatile vibration motor for alerts.

While Monday morning’s new leak wasn’t the first time we heard that the new iPhones would be thicker than the current models, it still didn’t answer the burning question on everyone’s mind: Will the added thickness mean that Apple can finally get rid of the camera bump on the back of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

Seen by some as an “appalling” design flaw, the off-center camera lens on the back of Apple’s current-generation iPhone models is raised above the surface of the aluminum housing on the back of the iPhone. Apart from a look that seems odd to some, it also means that the iPhone doesn’t sit flat on a table. It also rocks back and forth if it’s touched on one side.

Some industry watchers and bloggers have speculated that the added thickness on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would allow Apple to redesign the camera so that the lens sits flush with the back of the phone. But the aforementioned leaked schematics have facilitated the creation of a 3D iPhone 6s render, and the camera bump from the iPhone 6 appears to be alive and well on this year’s iPhone 6s.


Published by uSwitch and sourced from reliable Twitter-based gadget leaker @OnLeaks, a number 3D renders of Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 6s show a device that bears a striking resemblance to the current iPhone 6, as expected. There are some notable differences, however. Namely, the renders appear to confirm that the handset will be thicker than the current model at nearly 7.1mm, compared to the 6.9mm-thick iPhone 6s.

As two of the renders show, however, the camera bump will remain the same on this year’s iPhone 6s:



Two additional leaked renders can be seen below, and the rest can be found in the links below.

iphone_6s_steve_leak_9_632x304x32_expand iphone_6s_leak_steve_3_632x304x32_expand

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