Kylie Jenner Responds to Criticism of Defects in Lip Gloss Brand

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
April 18, 2016 Updated: April 18, 2016

Kylie Jenner has been forced to do damage control on social media after a firestorm of criticism about the quality of her line of lip gloss.

YouTube makeup personality Jeffree Star led the charge, highlighting the shoddiness of the brush in Jenner’s brand of lip gloss, as highlighted in a viral post by

Other customers who had purchased the Jenner lip gloss chimed in on social media to complain that they had exactly the same problem.

Eventually, Jenner was forced to make an apology in a series of tweets from her corporate account:

I care a lot about the quality of my products. As you can see from my matte lips..

I changed my entire matte formula in the first month to be less dry and thick…

And I changed the wand to be more comfortable because I listen to you guys, and I love perfection. So good or bad, I love hearing your feedback.

When I saw the problem with my lip gloss brushes I stopped all production and changed it. Life is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes.

Jenner said that the next launch of the lip gloss line will have removed the old defects, and promises to offer a replacement for anyone who had purchased the faulty merchandise.