Korean Pop Stars Bring Awareness to Depression in New York Healing Concert

By Hallyu World
Hallyu World
Hallyu World
November 13, 2015 Updated: November 17, 2015

On Oct. 31, Korean performers turned the North Shore University Hospital auditorium into a festive space of vocal wonder. The Healing Concert, the second held in New York, was put on to promote music as a healing agent and to bring awareness to depression, with hopes to help those who may be suffering from depression and afraid to speak out.

Superstar K’s Christina Love Lee, Popera singer Jung Sehun, and actor Heo Joon-ho made special guest performances. 

Christina Love Lee was one of the finalists from Superstar K’s Season Three in 2011. This time, she came with three beautiful songs to entertain and heal the audience.

Popera, or “Operatic Pop,” is a different genre of music that may not be very familiar to some. But you have heard it from groups who sing in this specialized style, such as Il Divo or Amici Forever. At the second Healing Concert, Popera singer Jung Sehun told us what healing meant to him personally. 

Christina and Jung Sehun weren’t the only ones to give special performances to the audience. Actor Heo Joon-ho also surprised the audience with his powerful vocals. 

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