Koala Kombat: Not-So-Cuddly Marsupials Wrestle in the Middle of the Road

December 22, 2017 Updated: September 26, 2019

“Only in Australia,” the woman in the car remarks.

It’s a very appropriate comment to accompany what is happening on the road in front of her.

While she was driving to work on Wednesday Dec. 20 in the Adelaide Hills, two wrestling koalas blocked the road, forcing her to stop.

It’s not the cute and cuddly image we generally have of koalas—so the woman started to film.

She uploaded the video to YouTube, with viewers commenting on the fight as if it were an actual wresting match.

“Good sprawls and guard awareness,” said one comment.

“Sick Greco clinches,” commented another.

Eventually the woman beeps her horn to attempt to move the koalas off the road, but is unsuccessful – they carry on wresting regardless.

Finally, they do scurry off to the side.

“Here they go, for God’s sake,” the woman laughs, presumably able to resume her journey.

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