King Diamond to Perform in NYC in 2014, Report Says

King Diamond, the Danish heavy metal musician, will reportedly start a North American tour in the fall.

According to Metal Injection, Diamond will be playing at the Best Buy Theater in New York City on Oct. 14. Tickets will go on sale for the Times Square event on Friday, June 20, the report also stated.

“What makes this concert extra special is that it will be the first time that KD performs in U.S. soil following his six-year touring hiatus due to King’s health issues,” wrote HornsUpRocks.

In an interview a few months ago, the heavy metal singer elaborated on his plans to tour.

“It’s gotta happen next autumn. It’s got to happen, and with full production, with the full thing. If it’s done the right way, if it’s done in a way where we could have full physical production, even in those theaters where we play,” he said.

Diamond, born Kim Bendix Petersen in Copenhagen, had triple-bypass surgery in 2010. In the interview, he joked about it.

“We’ll do it on stage next time, with a cremation. We’d like to bring the coffin back next year, if we can – we need to give it an overhaul. It needs to be tightened and repaired, made safe again, but if everything goes well, we’ll have that with us next year. Plus, there will be all the additions to the show that already now is really, really unique. But it will be a jaw-dropper next year, if we get those extra things added to it that we want to add,” he said.

Diamond’s next tour dates are July 25 in Stockholm. He’ll also perform at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 7 to Nov. 9.