Keeping Smartphones Powered With a Twist of the Wrist

By Jeffrey Thompson, Epoch Times

The Achilles’ heel of any smartphone is its battery’s power capacity. Depending on your smartphone habits, a full charge can last you a couple of hours or a couple of days. Gone are the old Blackberry days when a single charge could last several days.

There is hope, however. The QBracelet is a portable charger you can wear around your wrist. Taking up to 90 minutes to charge, it has a standby time of 30 days and will charge up to 60 percent of a smartphone’s power.

Charging a smartphone with the QBracelet can make things a little hot under the cuff. But Alessandro Libani, co-founder of QBracelet developer QDesign, told Mashable he does not believe it is a safety concern.

“We specifically put safety measures in place to prevent the bracelet from getting too hot,” Libani said, “but, yes, after charging your smartphone with the QBracelet it can be a tad warm. Nothing uncomfortable, but if you pay attention you can notice the temperature change.”

The QBracelet comes with two adapters: a lightning connector for iPhones and a Micro-USB connector for Android and Windows devices. No cables are required since the connector is hidden away, and is part of the QBracelet clamp.

The QBracelet comes in five colors, three sizes, and weighs less than 2 ounces.

Preorders get a 20 percent discount, and regular price is $99.