Judge Makes Bizarre Ruling in Rejecting Bindi Irwin’s Dancing With the Stars Contract

November 6, 2015 Updated: November 9, 2015

A Los Angeles judge made an odd ruling in rejecting Bindi Irwin’s contract with Dancing With the Stars, causing many to wonder what’s going on.

Lawyers for the ABC hit submitted the minor’s contract–required because Bindi is 17–and mom Terri signed a document stating she gives up all rights to any money her daughter makes on the show.

But the judge wants the same release from dad Steve Irwin. The problem is Irwin, famously known as The Crocodile Hunter, has been dead since 2006.


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The judge said without proof of Steve giving up his rights to Bindi’s money, “the court is unable to find that it is in the best interest of the minor to be bound by the terms of the contract,” reported TMZ.

Sources said the show’s lawyers won’t stop until the contract is approved.


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When it is, the contract stipulates that Bindi makes more money per week the further she makes it in the competition–through week 8, she’s earned $230,000.

Bindi is teamed with Derek Hough, one of the most successful professional dancers on the show. 

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