John Hopkins Mistakenly Sends Acceptance Letter to 294 Rejected Students

December 17, 2014 Updated: December 17, 2014


Hundreds of Early Decision applicants to The Johns Hopkins University recently got their hopes up, only to have them shattered, due to an e-mail glitch.

Sam Stephenson is one of the individuals impacted by the mistake.

He had received an electronic denial statement from Johns Hopkins, but just two days later he got an e-mail that read “Dear Samuel, Welcome to the Class of 2019! We can’t wait for you to get to campus.” The subject line noted ‘Embrace the YES!’.

That led him to believe the initial denial letter was incorrect and the new email encouraged him to interact with other newly accepted students on Facebook and purchase Hopkins gear.

He soon learned that the first document was right – he wasn’t accepted into the university after all and neither were nearly 300 other students who mistakenly received the ‘Embrace the YES!’ e-mail.

The university was alerted of the error by another student who was denied admission.

According to the vice provost for admissions and financial aid, David Phillips, the mistake was made by an electronic communications worker who ended up with the wrong list of e-mail addresses. Phillips publicly apologized to those affected by the error.