Joel Embiid: NBA Player Moves on From Kim Kardashian to Rihanna on Twitter

Joel Embiid, one of the top NBA draft picks, is trying to woo celebrities over Twitter.

Embiid reached out to Kim Kardashian first, but was then alerted by followers that Kardashian is married. He later apologized.

But on July 22 he updated by posting his thoughts, apparently believing that Kardashian should have responded anyway: “Ok so @kimkardashian hasn’t DM’d yet…… Should she be blocked too? I’m ready to block her though.”

Embiid, who may be joking this whole time, then said that he doesn’t care and that “these girls ain’t loyal.”

Embiid then announced that he’s moving on to another woman.

“BREAKING NEWS: Moving on from kk to Rihanna,” he said.

“Hey baby holla at me!! Dinner at giorgios at 930pm @rihanna????”

“More:Embiid’s reaction’You know in life, you need to experience new things and I just thought that I should shift my attention to a new girl,’ he added, quoting himself.

“SOURCES: Rihanna is considering JOEL EMBIID’s offer.”

Embiid, who played for the Kansas Jayhawks last year, has also tried to use Twitter to recruit players to the Philadelphia 76ers.

He tweeted at LeBron James when James was deciding where he would play next year, but didn’t hear back.

Embiid later announced that he had blocked James.

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