Jinger Duggar: Who is She? Boyfriend or Single? (+Age, Facts, Photos)

October 14, 2014 Updated: October 15, 2014

The rumors started flying about Jana Duggar recently and it seems there’s also some rumors about Jinger Duggar, the second-oldest girl in the Duggar clan who is still single.

Some blogs have speculated lately that Jinger, 20, will be the first of the 19 children to “break away” from the Duggar family.

However, much like the rumors about Jana, the posts appear to be based on writers’ wishes as opposed to actual facts.

“Jinger is indisputably the most artsy and free-spirited gal of the Duggar bunch — in fact, she’s not a bad photographer. I would hate to think that Jinger would give up something she loves and is naturally good at in favor of getting married and starting a family at her parents’ request,” said one author at Bustle, a liberal blog that primarily targets women.

“Nothing would make me more thrilled than to see Jinger break free and start up her own photography company. If she can help run a family of 19 children, she can definitely run a business.”

One piece of evidence that the blog uses is that Jinger was spotted wearing pants once, which the women in the Duggar family aren’t really allowed to do. Another is facial expressions that the author says indicates Jinger is “so over her family’s theatrics.”

The strongest evidence that Jinger wants to get away from her family is that she appeared to say so back in 2012.

Jinger Duggar, right, with sister Jessa Duggar and Jessa's fiance Ben Seewald earlier this year. (Duggar Family)
Jinger Duggar, right, with sister Jessa Duggar and Jessa’s fiance Ben Seewald earlier this year. (Duggar Family)


In a video for one of the seasons of 19 Kids and Counting, the show that follows the family, Jinger indicated that she wants to leave the small Arkansas town that the family calls home.

Older sister Jill, 23, said that Jinger “doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization.”

“No! City please, city please,” Jinger added, smiling.

But mother Michelle later told Radar Online that Jinger’s words were misunderstood. 

“Jinger didn’t mean she wanted to move to New York City,” Michelle said. “She meant that she wants to live closer to a city. We’re talking right near a city, but not New York City.”

Jinger Duggar in a 2010 file photo. (Duggar Family)
Jinger Duggar in a 2010 file photo. (Duggar Family)


“Jinger meant she wanted to live 15 minutes from a Wal-mart. We live so far out of town on 20 acres, but Jinger wants to live closer to town, so she doesn’t have to drive so far to go shopping,” she added. “New York City is way above what we would ever consider a city where she should move!”

While no new evidence has come up lately, other speculation has happened over the years, mostly on liberal blogs. Jezebel had a post that posited “Which Duggar is most likely to break free from the family?

“Jinger is the original rebel Duggar, who has long been speculated to break away from the family. In fact, there is even a website called, Free Jinger, started by dreamers and well-wishers who didn’t want to see her light be hidden under the Gothard bushel,” it wrote.

“If nothing else, Jinger would be justified in disowning her family because of her name. I mean, seriously. Jinger … There are no damned children named Joan, but one named Jinger. These people are the worst.”


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