Wife of Taiwan Celebrity Jimmy Lin Posts Photo With a Message of Hope Following His Tesla Crash

By Matthew Wong
Matthew Wong
Matthew Wong
August 17, 2022 Updated: August 20, 2022

On July 22, Taiwanese actor and singer Jimmy Lin, crashed into a signpost after hitting a road divider while driving his Tesla with one of his sons in the car.  Father and son were pulled from the car by passersby shortly before the car went up in flames. They were sent to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for treatment afterward.  Although he survived the accident, Lin sustained multiple fractures and injuries. On Aug. 16, Lin’s wife Chen Ruo-Yi posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption “Surviving the storm, we will see the break of dawn.” cheering for her husband.

Since the accident, Lin has been hospitalized for 26 days now and is going through more surgeries. On Aug. 16, his wife Chen Ruo-Yi posted a photo showing two hands holding together. It can be seen from the photo that a man believed to be Jimmy Lin was lying in bed in a patient’s suit with gauze covering his elbow.

Chen had not spoken in public since the accident happened except to issue a statement asking the public not to believe in rumors and thanking those who helped save her husband and her son. She also said the caring feelings shown by Lin’s fans are the best medicine for Lin’s recovery.

Lin is currently being treated in a general ward for a fracture of the humerus and a minor concussion caused by the car accident, plus serious facial injuries that could lead to disfigurement.

Matthew Wong