Jessa Duggar Pregnant? ‘I Wouldn’t be Surprised,’ Source Tells Tabloid

November 25, 2014 Updated: November 25, 2014

Jessa Duggar might already be pregnant just weeks after getting married to Ben Seewald, according to a new report.

Jessa, 22, married Ben, 19, on November 1.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the parents of Jessa and 18 other children, have strict rules that include no sex before marriage.

That has typically led to pregnancies soon after one of the children get married. Jessa’s older sister Jill, for instance, got pregnant just a few weeks after she got married to Derick Dillard.

Some fans believed that Jessa, who is more independent than many of the other Duggar children, would hold out so that she could have some time before starting a family, but In Touch Weekly cites a source who says that Jessa might already be pregnant.

“They look at sex as a ‘present’ from God and they couldn’t wait to ‘open it’ on their wedding day,” the source said, although pretty much everyone who follows the family knows this.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessa were pregnant already,” the unnamed source said.

The Duggar family is also against using birth control, because Jim Bob and Michelle were told after a miscarriage that the birth control they were using at the time may have helped cause it.


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Lenora Jordan, the grandmother to Jessa’s cousin Amy, confirmed that Jessa would be a good mother.

“She’s got the experience, taking care of her brothers and sisters,” she said.

“Jess would be the perfect mother.”

The tabloid report remains unverified. The Duggar family typically announces births and other memorable occasions soon after they’re planned or discovered.

The Duggar family has grown increasingly popular, with their TLC show 19 Kids and Counting drawing record ratings and basically getting renewed for a season 10, which will feature the lead-up to Jill and Derick’s first child as well as Jessa and Ben’s wedding.

The latter couple is perceived by many as likely to veer off on a different route than Jill and Derick and oldest child Josh and his wife Anna, who already have three children.

Ben is fairly young and doesn’t have a steady job, moving to the Duggar land instead and helping Jim Bob with real estate and other work. He’s still taking college classes.

Jessa, as with most women in the family, does not have a job and is not currently going to college.

But she did write a book with Jill and two of their sisters Jinger and Jana, and the family earns a fair amount of money from the show, though it’s unclear if the children get any of that money directly.

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