Jennifer Falls Season 2? Will TV Land Show with Jamie Pressly be Renewed or Canceled?

Jennifer Falls, starring Jaime Pressly as single mother Jennifer Doyle, is wrapping up season 1 on Wednesday and fans are wondering whether there will be another season.

TV Land hasn’t made an announcement either way as of yet.

Looking at the ratings, it will likely be renewed.

Jennifer Falls premiered at 0.9 million viewers and settled at about 0.7 million for each episode.

In the same time slot earlier this year, season 3 of The Soul Man was drawing similar ratings, though slightly higher. The Soul Man was renewed.

Hot in Cleveland, which leads into Jennifer Falls, drew about 1 million viewers per episode in season 5, which is currently airing.


The only downside to Jennifer Falls coming in lower than these series, which could impact the decision, is that both the other series drew more viewers in the first season and have since been slowly dipping.

Hot in Cleveland drew about 2.8 million viewers per episode in its first season and stayed above 2 million for most of the next season.

The Soul Man started with about 1 million viewers per episode in season 1, although season 2 dipped slightly to about 0.9 million per. Complete rating information for this season of Soul Man isn’t yet available, but it was good enough for the renewal.

There’s no way to tell for sure, so it will just be a case of waiting for TV Land to announce the decision.

Fans have been demanding another season, on the show’s Facebook page and other places.

“I just love this show hope it comes back on next year thumbs up,” said one user.

“PLEASE tell me it’s coming back for season two! I love this show!” said another.

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