Jayru Campbell Case: Prosecutor Reviewing Whether to Issue Charges

January 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jayru Campbell, the Michigan State football recruit who allegedly slammed a security guard at his high school, may not be charged with anything.

The prosecutor’s office said that the case is still under review.

“We have just received paperwork from the Detroit Public Schools Police on the case,” the office said in a statement to MLive. “It would be premature to indicate what if any charges will issue until we have reviewed the paperwork and a formal decision has been made.”

Campbell currently attends Cass Tech High School.

Previously, Detroit Public School Assistant Superintendent Steven Wasko said assault and battery charges had been filed against Campbell. Now, those charges appear to be pending.

Campbell has committed to Michigan State as a quarterback for the fall of 2015, but per NCAA rules he has only verbally committed; verbal commitments aren’t binding.

See a video of the alleged body slam below.

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