Jared Lorenzen, 320 Pound Quarterback, Says He ‘Absolutely Loves’ Nicknames He’s Been Given

February 6, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jared Lorenzen, a 320 pound quarterback, said that he absolutely loves the nicknames that he’s been given since photos and video of him at a recent game went viral.

Lorenzen used to play in the NFL, and was a back-up on the New York Giants team that went to the Super Bowl in 2007.

He now heads the Northern Kentucky River Monsters in the Continental Football League.

The photos and videos that got a lot of play of him in a game on Monday night sparked a flood of nicknames. For instance, John Feitelberg of Barstool Sports, who posted some of the videos, dubbed him “the Round Mound of Touchdown.”

Lorenzen told CBS Sports Radio that he “absolutely loves” the nicknames.

“I was listening to some of your other ones [like] The Abominable Throwman,” he said. “All of these, I love them. I was given them in college and there were websites dedicated to these things.”

The one he likes the most is “Hefty Lefty.”

He also revealed that he was 13 pounds, 3 ounces when he was born.

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