Jailbreak iOS 7: With iOS 8, Jailbreaking Could be Thing of Past; iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Released Recently

A hacker who is working on jailbreaking the iOS 8 beta, which was released earlier this month, has said it will be available soon.

Stefan Esser, who goes by “ion1c,” said that Apple changed its directory structure. He said the containers that store the native files have changed, according to Business Insider.

Apple has fought tooth-and-nail to prevent users from jailbreaking their software, with each update of the iOS 7 needing hackers to release another jailbreak.

According to Business Insider, jailbreaking will probably become increasingly less used when the iOS 8 comes out, as it has more than 4,000 new application programming interfaces and has “iOS ‘extensibility,’ which will allow applications to talk to each other through Apple’s secure ecosystem and even project UI into originating apps, effectively enabling third-party apps to define how they want their content to be seen, shared, or acted upon in other apps,” says BI.com.

The website notes that “casual jailbreaking” could come to an end because Apple will mostly have replacements for apps.

According to the iOS 8 jailbreak website, “Soon after the release of iOS 7.1 firmware, Jailbreakers started working on developing iOS 8 Jailbreak . We are expecting an iOS 8 BootROM Jailbreak from Team Evad3rs who are the creators of Evasi0n 7 Jailbreak too …. Cydia for iOS 8 is going rigorous testing and performance enhancements for ease of installation and use for the end user.” 

Evad3rs released its iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak for 30 devices a few days ago.