‘It is a high level of art and performance’

March 1, 2017

“It was amazing. I read about it and it is fascinating. I recommend it strongly to people. If they like art and history, they should come and attend this show. It is amazing and I am for sure going to come back next year.”


“All the time I had goose-bumps. I love the instruments, I love the harmony, the colours, the choreography—everything was fantastic. It is a high level of art and performance.”


“Oh wow, [the spirituality] is strong, and I believe we are connected to the universe so it was kind of part of my feeling. … This show will help [bring you] back to the core of the human.”


“In this show you can see, the way these artists worked together, they united. And you could see this unity and uniformity of everything. It is amazing. How they move together, how they perform. Each section is different, but I could see they were connected. It was like one piece was moving, but it was a combination of boys and girls, stories, music, and every element got together and became one element.”


“I hope everybody enjoyed it the same that I enjoyed it.”


“It impacts humanity. Love, patience, compassion. … It’s a high level of understanding of the universe and I’m speechless. I’m speechless.”